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Tiguidanke Camara, the former model who extracts gold and diamonds in Guinea
Publié le 27 May 2020
Tiguidanke Camara is the CEO of a mining company in Guinea. She was able to succeed in a domain where she had no expertise. After a career of model in the United States, she decided in 2000 to embark on the extraction of gold and diamonds in Guinea, an area she did not master at […]
Nigeria: Olamide Orerunkin, from doctor to entrepreneur
Liberia : Saran Kaba Jones, activist for water access
South Africa : Senamile Masango, a passionate of nuclear physics
Cameroon : Manka Angwafo, an entrepreneur at the bedside of small farmers
Mali : Niagalé Bagayoko, expert in security systems in Africa
Namibia : Esther Muinjangue, the woman who drew worlwide attention to the genocide of Hereros and Namas
Kenya : Faith Osier, the scientist who wants to train 1000 African immunologists
Zimbabwe : Lenias Hwenda, committed to a better access to medicines in Africa
Congo : Francine Ntoumi, the fighter of infectious diseases