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Egypt: Shymaa Enany, a microbiologist who advocates for women’s leadership in science
Publié le 6 December 2021
At the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Suez Canal University in Egypt, where she teaches microbiology, Shymaa Enany has devoted herself passionately for years to the study of microorganisms, bacteria… Ambassador of the Next Einstein Forum in Egypt, the Egyptian microbiologist was awarded the “Early Career Scientist” prize by the International Science Council in October […]
Kenya: Jane Catherine Ngila, the chemist who wants to facilitate access to drinking water in Africa
Hassna Aalouach : « Fighting violence against women must be humanist and non-gendered »
Cameroon : Amina Gerba, a businesswoman working to connnect Canada to Africa
Tsedenia Mekbib, a leading figure in the Ethiopian leather industry
Morocco : Rim Benwahoud, an executive who advocates for women’s leadership in insurance
DRC: Iris Nzolantima, activist for the inclusion of youth in governance institutions
Morocco: Sannae Sabbak, committed to change the narrative on Africa
Uganda : Connie Nshemereirwe, new Director of the African Science Leadership Programme
Ivory Coast: Patricia Zoundi Yao, the entrepreneur committed to rural access to money transfer