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Our Convention

Gender equality issues and the fight against discrimination can only be better through practical adjustments targeted at cultures, organizations, and practices.
Gender equality is a fundamental right for all, and is one of democracy’s crucial values. The diversity issue is a matter of general and collective interest. It is, along with equality and gender representation, optimally effective in boosting competitiveness, as well as the major challenges faced by social development.
Equality and diversity issues are, nowadays, a matter of collective commitment in Morocco. In light of this, SOREAD-2M’s Chief Executive decided to establish the Equality and Diversity Committee.
The establishment of this committee stems from the channel’s determination to raise major societal issues. The channel wants to make sure its activities focus on equality and diversity, so as to play a part in changing the minds and attitudes of the Moroccan society.
The Committee shall have the option to become a non-profit Foundation, so as to broaden its scope of activities in support of equality and diversity.

To be in direct contact with both broadcasting and society’s realities, the Equality and Diversity Board comprises of collaborating members of 2M, coming from Program Management, Human Resources Management and News Management, as well as qualified external members, skilled in their respective fields, who contribute significantly to the Board’s missions.

The Equality and Diversity Board has the flowing missions:
1. Work for gender equality and ensure the promotion of a fair representation of women on air and in the company :
* Include the promotion of equality in the channel’s policy, and in the general framework of the involvement towards a better public service.

* Guide the channel in the building of a wide range of programs that takes into account the new and extensive parts that women play in society, and showcase the successes of women regardless of their fields of work.

* Ensure that the female experts acquire a better exposure in the channel’s shows
and programs.

2. Promote diversity, the fight against discrimination, and the respect of dignity:
* Acknowledge people’s diversity in culture, ethnicity, origins, and reject discrimination based on appearance, geographic location, or age.
* Guide the channel in establishing an inclusive disability policy, and upgrading the representation of people with disabilities in broadcasting.
* Promote headliners who come from diversity-related fields.
* Commit to a fair treatment of people regardless of their situations or traits like social background, physical appearance, gender, language, age, disability, health status and so on.
* Help the channel build a wide array of programs that respects the sociocultural diversity of Morocco.

3. Make sure awareness is established within the staff of the channel, regarding the concepts of equality and the fight against discrimination, as well as the challenges at stake, through fitting and targeted actions:
* Educate the executives and collaborators about non-discrimination challenges, raise their awareness and accompany them in the process.
* Strengthen women’s position by drawing the channel’s attention to any demeaning or stereotyped portrayal of women in the programs, and raising awareness about equality and diversity issues amongst content creators, screenwriters, producers and in-house staff in charge of the programs.
* Support the contributors’ initiatives targeted at the fight against all forms of discrimination.

4. Provide information about the commitments of this Charter
* Identify dialogue as one of the cornerstones of equality promotion and the fight against discrimination.
* Set up an action plan for the promotion of equality and diversity in Morocco and Africa.

* Take part in the meetings where good practices and advancements are shared.
* Enter partnerships with organizations working towards a better equality and a stronger fight against discrimination in all shapes and forms, both on the national and the international levels.

The Equality and Diversity Board ensures that “equality”, “equity”, “diversity”, “protection of minorities” and “non-discrimination” are taken into account in all of the channel’s activities.
The Board is the driving force behind proposals related the channel’s policy on these issues. The Board has the power to take up issues within its area of responsibility proprio motu, or when it is sought by the Executive Management.
The Board provides guidance and recommendations to Executive Management to clarify matters related to equality and diversity.
The Board submits an annual activity report to Executive Management, which covers the Board’s set of performed actions, as well as the recommendations given.

The Equality and Diversity Board makes use of all the means available to carry on its missions, mainly:
* Actions to raise awareness;
* Active use of digital tools;
* Viewing 2M’s shows and programs;
* Establish partnerships with specialized organizations;
* Organize events granting exposure such as seminars, conferences and theme days;
* Invite content creators to audition for the channel.

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