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Our Mission

Under the leadership of Executive Management, Soread 2M established the Equality Board in 2013, aware of the role that media has to play in the fight against stereotypes and in building a modern and equality-based society.

Comprised of members of the channel’s various divisions, the Board conducted an assessment of women’s portrayal in media, and used the input to issue and present the “2M’s Charter for the promotion of women’s image”, on March 8, 2014. The goal behind this initiative was to set the initial milestone towards the promotion of women’s image as economic, social and political players.

The channel shows its commitment through a number of decisions, such as including gender perspective in its statement of work, making sure stereotypes are avoided in programs produced in-house, and also raising awareness of the producers of externally-acquired content.

On March 20, 2015, the Equality Board held a study day around the theme “Let’s hit the front-page!”. Discussions were held about the progress made regarding women’s portrayal in Moroccan media, as well as the challenges ahead. Experts and professionals attended the study day, and their debates resulted in identifying the reasons why stereotypes keep on existing. They also suggested ways to counter this tendency.

In accordance withits commitment towards the portrayal of female experts in media, the Board launched, in May 2016, the first-ever Moroccan website entirely dedicated to female experts in Morocco andaround the world.The website grants access to an expanding database listing experts from more than 150 fields, available for users such asjournalists, researchers, andinstitutions.

In 2017, the Equality Board broadens its dutiesand henceforth becomes the Equality and Diversity Board. Consequently, its mission is to uphold gender equality, promote diversity, ensure respect of one’s dignity, and fight against all forms of discrimination.

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