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In Ethiopia, Frehiwot Tamiru runs telecommunications

Frehiwot Tamiru is the current CEO of Ethio Telecom. She has been running the Ethiopian telecommunications company and one of the largest telecom companies in Africa since 2018. In 5 years, she has succeeded in developing the company. In 2021, she was listed among the 100 most influential African women by Avance Média.

It was in 2018, after having previously worked as Deputy General Manager of Internal Support at “Ethiopian Corporation Telecommunications”, known today as “Ethio Telecom”, that Frehiwot Tamiru started running the only telecommunications company of the country. An enterprise counting more than 22,000 employees.

Frehiwot graduated with a degree in information systems from the University of Addis Ababa and an MBA from the Open University in the United Kingdom. As a CEO,  she brought about changes within the company which contributed to improving its performance.

In 5 years, the company has experienced growth of nearly 29 million subscribers, with an increase in turnover estimated at 27.4 billion birrs, coupled with a reduction in prices of around 40 to 50%.

Under her leadership, the telecommunications company was able to extend its 4G services throughout the capital Addis Ababa and to expand network coverage in more than 136 cities in the country, in order to make telecommunications services accessible to all. At the same time, the company launched its first telecommunications-led mobile money service, “Telebirr”, in 2021, which has reached 29 million subscribers in two years.

Frehiwot Tamiru also runs her own business. Long before taking over the management of Ethio Telecom, she founded Doxa IT Technologies, a consulting company that provides technological solutions to companies in various sectors.

In 2021, she was ranked by Avance Media among the 100 most influential African women.