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Ghana : Kate Quartey – Papafio, a trailblazer in the electrical sector in Africa

Kate Quartey- Papafio is one of the key figures of the electrical sector in Ghana. In 1992, the Ghanaian industrialist founded her company, Reroy Cables Ltd, to distribute high quality electrical cables in her country. Over the past two decades, she has managed to succeed in a male-dominated field. She is currently the only woman to run a cable manufacturing company in Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) region.

Kate Quartey- Papafio has broken gender barriers by successfully running a business in the field of electrical and telecommunication cables manufacturing industry. In two decades, the Ghanaian entrepreneur evolved from importing electric cables to having one of the leading manufacturing companies in Ghana. 

Her adventure in the field of cables manufacturing began in 1992 when both she and her husband needed electrical cables for their house, but failed to find the suitable cables that would allow sufficient power supply. Dissatisfied with the service they received, they decided to embark on importing cables and created Reroy Cables Ltd.

Over time, the number of their customers grew rapidly due to their efficient and fast delivery process. Likewise, their customers started to look for different types of cables. To meet their needs and improve their services, they decided to import semi-finished cables and transform them into finished cables in order to have an added value in the cable industries in Ghana.

In two decades, the company has grown from cables into the supply chain. It is active in four sectors, namely Reroy Power that looks after the accessories of cables, Reroy metal, Reroy energy and Reroy Cables. Through her company, she also helps solve the issue of power facing Ghana and Africa.The company is also active in copper industry, aluminium industry, infrastructure, renewable frames…

Today, it exports its products throughout ECOWAS region, but also in Europe. 

In 2017, due to floods in Ghana, many of her ware houses were affected. Despite this situation, the company managed to bounce back and move forward. Today, the entrepreneur plans to expand her company in other parts of the continent, namely Central and South Africa. 

Kate Quartey – Papafio’s success has been extensively rewarded.  In 2016, Europe Business Assembly awarded her the best enterprise award. In october 2014, the Chartered Institute of Marketing Ghana named her « Marketing woman of the year 2013 ». Her company was also rewarded as « Electrical Product of the year 2013 » as well as « 2013 Ersnt & Young West Africa Entrepreneur of the year ». In 2018, she received the « Excellence in Business » award during « the Ghana Women of the Year honours » ceremony.