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Message of the UN Secretary-General to the 3rd edition of Les Panafricaines

“I welcome the 3rd edition of the Women Journalists Forum in Africa.

Africa is the most affected region by climate change, even though it contributes the least to its causes.

The climate crisis further impoverishes poor countries and could seriously hamper the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.Women bear the brunt of this climate emergency.

Most of the agricultural and food production activities are carried out by women, making them particularly vulnerable to disasters such as drought, flooding, and famine.

But it is not too late to act. As journalists, you play an essential role, not only in informing but also in giving hope and inciting action. I am counting on you to highlight the climate impact, but also the solutions available to us.This year, 19 African countries pledged to increase their nationally determined contributions.

All countries must implement more ambitious climate commitments.We need to highlight climate mobilization across the continent, be it individual efforts or entire sectors. Green and sustainable development, which promotes equitable opportunities while taking into account the climate emergency, is possible.

Morocco’s remarkable efforts in renewable energy are an obvious example.

Together, we can build a better future for generations to come.”