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Mali : Niagalé Bagayoko, expert in security systems in Africa
Publié le 6 May 2020
Niagalé Bagayoko is a political scientist. She is an expert in security systems in African francophone countries. She is the current chair of the African Security Sector Network (ASSN) whose objective is to promote governance of the security sector in Africa. Niagalé Bagayoko holds a PhD in political science (international relations) from the Institute for […]
Namibia : Esther Muinjangue, the woman who drew worlwide attention to the genocide of Hereros and Namas
Kenya : Faith Osier, the scientist who wants to train 1000 African immunologists
Zimbabwe : Lenias Hwenda, committed to a better access to medicines in Africa
Congo : Francine Ntoumi, the fighter of infectious diseases
Covid-19 : Five reasons why the crisis is more difficult for women
Feriel Berraies : « It is necessary to favor calming activities »
In Mali, Awa Meité makes masks from scraps of cloth
Les Panafricaines firmly condemn the insulting remarks made on the French channel LCI
Pr Coumba Toure Kane : « Do not take chloroquine as a preventive medicine »