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Rapelang Rabana, the computer scientist who wants to revolutionise learning in South Africa

A serial tech entrepreneur, Rapelang Rabana is the founder of a start-up, Rekindle Learning, which offers digital solutions enabling professionals and students to acquire skills in line with the changing world of work. In 2017, she was named “Entrepreneur for the World” by the World Entrepreneurship Forum.

Rapelang Rabana has several strings to her bow : entrepreneur, speaker and author. As an entrepreneur, the South African, through her startup « Rekindle Learning » founded in 2014, helps professionals acquire skills adapted to the ever-changing professional world through microlearning technologies. In particular, it provides intelligent learning applications for pupils, students and workers and is working on personalized vocational and academic training programs accessible via mobile devices. In 2021, she also co-founded FFWD Innovation, a platform enabling companies to accelerate their innovation initiatives and support their employees in their digital transformation journey. The objective is to support companies to build and develop innovations more quickly.

The South African launched her entrepreneurial career in 2005. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2005 and a Master’s degree in Real Estate Studies, she co-founded Yeigo Communications, which specializes in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The software that enabled people to make calls and send messages free of charge over the internet, in response to the high cost of communication at the time. Three years later, in 2008, a majority part of the company was sold to Telfree of Switzerland, and she went on to head up the company’s R&D department. In 2017, she became Director of Digital Affairs at BCX, a subsidiary of Telkom Group, Morocco’s telecommunications company.

In addition to her entrepreneurial journey, Rapelang Rabana also co-chairs « Imagine Worldwide », a digital solution allowing children to acquire the reading, writing and calculation skills necessary to realize their full potential. She is also a TedX speaker and has hosted conferences on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Rapelang Rabana has received a number of awards for her entrepreneurial achievements. Among others, she was named “Entrepreneur for the World” by the World Entrepreneurship Forum. In 2013, she was included in the Forbes ranking of the 30 best entrepreneurs under 30 in Africa. In 2017, she was selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. In 2018, she was named one of the 100 most influential e-learning personalities in Africa.