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Aicha Adoum Abdoulaye, the engineer conquering ICTs in Chad

Aicha Adoum Abdoulaye is the founder of Reindos Technologies Sarl, a company specialising in telecommunications, IT and digital services. The Chadian also raises awareness of the ethical use of the internet and is committed to its democratization among women in her country.

By undertaking in the technology field in Chad, Aicha Adoum Abdoulaye has broken down several stereotypes about women and ICTs in her country. From an early age, she has been passionate about technology. After her scientific high school degree, she flew to Lille in France, where she first studied journalism, then switched to ICTs and joined the Faculty of Science and Technology in Limoges. Years later, she earned a Master’s degree in Telecoms.

Back home, she joined Airtel Chad, a mobile phone company, as head of technical management. While working there, she set up in 2010 « Reindos Technologies Sarl », a telecoms, IT and digital solutions company, offering a range of services, from broadband internet to geolocation, the sale of IT and telecoms equipment, as well as installation and maintenance.

In 2016, she left her job to devote herself fully to her business. Barely launched, the company saw its turnover increase. Among its customers, major institutions and companies such as the World Food Program (WFP), Asecna (Agency for Air Navigation Safety in Africa and Madagascar) and CFAO Motors.

In addition to her work as a tech entrepreneur, the Chadian also raises awareness of the ethical use of the internet in her country.

As the co-founder of the Association for the Development of the Information Society in Chad (ADESIT), she is also committed to the democratization of the Internet for all, especially for women.