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Ariane Akeret, the Gabonese working for the financial inclusion of unbanked people

In Gabon, Ariane Akeret works to strengthen the financial inclusion of unbanked people, through Capay platform. It is a solution allowing them to collect their salaries, pensions, scholarships, bonuses… via mobile money. In 2022, the Gabonese won the “Margaret Prize” on Digital Women’s Day.

Ariane Akeret is the founder of Capay, a platform initially created to meet the challenge of the inhabitants of Gabon’s remote towns, having to travel very long distances to collect their pensions. In Gabon, 70% of the population does not have access to banking services and 81% of cities do not have local banks.

Having traveled to West Africa, she discovered that mobile money is very widespread there. Inspired by this experience, she created in 2020, the platform which facilitates mass payment through an interface for people excluded from the normal banking system. It connects mobile money operators through an interface and ensures instant distribution to recipients’ mobile accounts in a short period of time. This solution allows reducing processing times, saving time, lowering costs and can be used by public and private administrations, associations, insurance companies, social benefit funds.

Before getting into Fintech, Ariane Akeret worked in the legal field. As a graduate in law and litigation practice, she was bailiff’s clerk, legal assistant. She also worked as support staff at the Local Electoral Commission in the commune of Libreville.

In 2022, she won the “Margaret Prize” on Digital Women’s Day. A prize that rewards European and African women who distinguish themselves through innovation in the digital field.