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Senegal: Birame Sock, founder of Kwely, a platform for the promotion of « Made in Africa » products

Birame Sock is a promoter of « Made in Africa » products . She is the founder of “Kwely”, an online shop offering African producers a showcase to sell their products on a larger scale. After a successful career in the United States, where she founded two companies, Birame Sock decided to return to her country, Senegal, to pursue her professional career.

After graduating in computer science and communication from the University of Miami in 1997, she worked in various American companies where she developed several digital solutions. In 2002, she created “Musicphone”, which later became Shazam, a music recognition solution.

In 2013, she founded Third Solutions, a technology company that later became TS Investment Holding and developed a digital receipts application, including MyReceipts.

In 2014, she created her third start-up, Upscan, a digital communication company. In 2015, she launched VOO Media Group, a media company based in Florida, USA. Back in her country, Senegal, some time later, she created in 2019 a private equity company for development in Africa, “Founder 5” which merged in 2022 with Haskès Ventures.

Believing that african products have their place on the international market, she founded “Kwely” in 2019, which is both a brand incubator and a distribution network. It is an online shop promoting products made in Africa. “For a long time, products made in Africa have not been valued at their true worth,”she explains on Africa Business Communities. Through the platform, the tech entrepreneur aims to enable African producers to easily export their products. The platform, which currently works with 25 African brands, dreams of becoming the African Alibaba. To reach out to local producers, the platform has launched the brand incubation program, “Tekki Challenge”, which addresses the challenges of packaging and accessing international markets.

In 2010, Birame Sock was the winner of the Cartier Initiative Awards for North America. In 2022, her platform won the MEST Africa Challenge, a pan-African start-up competition for start-ups desiring to enter new markets.