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Nigeria : Sokari Douglas Camp, the steel sculptor

Sokari Douglas Camp is a well-acclaimed sculptor, mainly known for her steel-based artistic works inspired by her Nigerian roots. In 2005, she received the Commander of the British Empire (CBE) honorific title in recognition of her services to art.

Sokari Douglas Camp is one of the internationally renowned sculptor in the world. Her imposing steel sculptures have been exhibited in several museums, art galleries across the world and even in the british parliament. Some of them are sold for thousands of pounds around the world.

Sokari was born in Nigeria. At a very young age, she flew to the UK where she pursued her studies. In 1978, she attended the California College of arts and crafts in Oakland, as well as the Central School of Art and Design (London) where she earned a fine arts degree in 1983. She completed a master’s degree in 1986 from the London’s Royal school of art.

Douglas’ works are inspired by her African roots, namely the Kalabari culture, but also contemporary art. Through her sculptures, she addresses contemporary issues of power, gender, climate crisis, as well as the history of african diaspora… She worked for the National Museum of african art in Washington, the Smithsonian institution, as well as the British museum.

She has made unique works. In 2006, she erected a life-size bus « Battle Bus » in memory of the Nigerian activist and writer Ken Saro-Wiwa and his companions who were killed in the Niger Delta. In 2012, she realized a sculpture, « All the World is richer », a memorial to commemorate the abolition of slavery, which was exhibited in the bristish parliament. She also organized in 2016 a solo show, Primevera, displaying major sculptures interpretating familiar figures of European classic tradition. In 2022, she organized her 3rd solo show where she exhibited new works exploring the broader african diaspora.

Sokari Douglas Camp has been awarded several prizes and accolades, among which the Saatchi and Saatchi Award in 1982, the Honorary Fellow of the University of the Arts London in 2006…