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International Forum for Dynamic and Enterprising Women (FIED)

Date: 23, 24 and 25 October 2022

Place: Dakar (Senegal)

The International Forum of Dynamic and Enterprising Women (FIED) will be held on 23, 24 and 25 October in Dakar, Senegal, under the theme “The challenges of dynamic and enterprising women facing the impact of the global crisis”.

The program will include discussion panels on several themes, including “food sovereignty: the challenges of an agricultural policy geared towards sustainable transformation”; “health sovereignty: what challenges for Africa?”; “financial inclusion at the service of women entrepreneurs”; “education and training of young girls: what impact on the development of Africa?”; “African women facing the challenge of access to water”.

In addition to the panel debates, the FIED is also a platform for business opportunities, networking meetings between leaders of women’s entrepreneurial and dynamic organizations, leaders of international organizations, economic operators, development institutions.

During the event, FIED trophies will be awarded for the best company in the promotion of women’s empowerment.

The event will also offer participants exhibition spaces, sales…

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