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Dieynaba Sidibé, the graffiti artist who breaks the codes in Senegal

Dieynaba Sidibé, also known as Zeinixx, is a Senegalese graffiti artist who has made her mark in the still male-dominated street art scene. Through her murals, she campaigns for women’s rights and expresses herself on social and environmental issues.

Dieynaba Sidibé breaks the codes in the Senegalese street art scene. As one of the pioneers of this art form in Senegal, she decided to use it as a means to promote women’s rights. In a few years, she participated in several events on women, festivals at national and international level. Today, her imposing and colourful graffiti adorn several walls in the Senegalese capital.

As a child, Dieynaba had a passion for painting. She invested all her pocket money in buying brushes, paints… She dreamt of being Leonardo da Vinci, as she confided in an interview with France 24. A dream that her mother did not share, as she wanted her daughter to become a doctor instead. She ended up studying management for a few years, before giving up to devote herself to graffiti.

It was on a television screen that she discovered this art form for the first time, and realised that the wall could be a real space for expression. She then found the Senegalese graffiti community and managed to convince the artist Graffixx to be her mentor. With him, she learnt graffiti and improved her skills.

Activism through Graffiti

Through her art, Dieynaba campaigns for the causes that are dear to her, especially those that affect women. In 2017, as part of the “October 2017 Campaign”, she created a graffiti for the fight against breast cancer, in front of the headquarters of the Senegalese League against Cancer (Lisca). She also participated in the UN’s 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence initiative.

She has also participated in several international graffiti festivals, including the Art Sanaa Festival in Australia and collaborated with artist Seb Humphreys (Order 55). She was also invited to the International Graffiti and Street Art Festival in France.

Through her graffiti, she has also contributed to raising awareness against accidents related to speeding.

Because of her commitment, her graffiti covers the walls of important places in Dakar, including the wall of the Blaise Senghor Cultural Centre since 2015; the wall of the US Embassy in Senegal…

In addition to advocating for social issues, she is also committed to passing on her art to younger generations. She created Zeinixx Entertainment, where she organises visual arts workshops for young artists.

Slammer and rapper

In addition to being a graffiti artist, Dieynaba Sidibé is also a slam artist. She is pursuing a career in duet with Sall Ngary in Wolof and French. She is also a rapper. She is currently in charge of communication at the Africulturban association.

She is one of the artists who received the “Award Makers Muse! Kindle Project’s 2020”.