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Zimbabwe: Divine Ndhlukula, an ambitious business woman in the security sector

Divine Ndhlukula is a successful Zimbabwean business woman in the field of security. Her company “Securico”, based in Harare, provides security services for individuals and businesses, as well as electronic security solutions.

Divine Ndhlukula is one of the few African women to invest in the security sector. As an accountant, she managed to invest in a field generally dominated by men. Thanks to her company « Securico », Zimbabwe counts a growing number of women in the security sector. But how did she manage to launch a business in the security sector?

In 1998, the Zimbabwean decided to invest in the security sector, after noticing a lack of professionalism, flaws and gaps in the security services offered by the four main security companies of the country. Thanks to her passion and self-confidence that she built over the trials she has gone through in her life, she was determined to succeed. 

Overcoming challenges to succeed

After a degree in accountancy, she worked in the 1980s for the Zimbabwean broadcasting company. Later, she was recruited into an insurance company. At the same time, she sold clothes and after a while, she managed to save enough money to buy an 8-ton truck that she rent to a construction company. 

In the early 90s, she had to rescue her late father’s farm from being auctioned. Her brother, who inherited it, took a loan from the bank which he was unable to pay back. She had to sell her truck to raise enough funds to save the family farm. She acquired the farm whose title was changed into her name. In 1992, she ventured into the farming business and left her job. She took a loan against her house in Harare. Unfortunately, that year’s crops were poor due to drought. She lost all her investment.

As she was about to lose her house, she contacted her former employers who hired her again. In no time, she managed to be part of the management team. At the same time, she decided to venture into entrepreneurship once again. 

Securico, an expanding group

In December 1998, in the cottage of her house in Harare, she launched «Securico » with 4 employees, namely 3 security guards and two people in charge of administration, including herself. At first, the company only provided security services. From 2002, she embarked on the fund convoy. It acquired 80 armored vehicles which allow the safe transport of gold bars, cash … In 2005, she created a subsidiary “Canine Dogs services” which breeds, trains and hires guard dogs. It also trains dogs for domestic use or as pets.

In 2008, Securico acquired a Multi-Link Electronic Security Systems (PVT) LTD company as an operating firm. The company specializes, in particular in the supply of electronic security systems such as video surveillance, access control systems, alarms, electric fences …Through her company, she gives to several women the opportunity to enter the field of security. The company is now one of the largest security groups in Zimbabwe and has received several awards.